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35% Longer Lasting Flowers - Ethylene & Mold in Cold Rooms

35% Longer Lasting Flowers - Ethylene & Mold in Cold Rooms


Floral Longevity / Mold & Mildew

Purpose: Cold-Room with Mildew, Fungal growth, high VOCs levels leading to loss of revenue and overall customer satisfaction.

Client: AZ Retail/Wholesale Flower Store with high end clientele.

Scope: Air Purification, Surface Bacterial and Fungal
Protection with proprietary Nanofilm Purification Protocols using non-toxic, "green.” technologies.

Results: Improved longevity in cut flowers, reduced water consumption, . 99.9997% Microbial Rate Reduction on Air & Surfaces.


Prolong 35% the Useful Shelf-Life of Perishables

35% Longer Useful Shelf-Life for your Perishables

Continuous Environmental Condition Monitoring


Continuous 99.997% Microbial Reduction Rate

Presence of of Mold & Mildew over cold-room shelving surfaces, and in different areas of the flowershop facility in Phoenix , Arizona. After the 4 Step PCOP by claroSHIELD treatment was applied the Mold & Mildew did not resurface and the microbial rate reduction was sustained constantly over the 90 days testing period.


Project Images

Microbial Rate Reduction

No Fungal Regrowth

Deep Enviro- Detox

Detox Solutions

Workstation & Tools



Prevent Cross Area Contamination

Mold & Mildew Prevention

Our PCOP will remove Mold & Mildew and prevent it from reintegrating the environment.

Mold & Mildew Protection

HVAC Purification

Provide your HVAC with a continuous self purification with no harmful byproducts

Understand your Environment Air Quality

Happy Customers

Healthier natural looking flowers that last longer is what you will experience after implementing

I want to Detox my Hotel

The customer was pleased with the results

We only use claroSHIELD solutions on our shop



Other Case Studies with Field Proven Solutions

We continue to expand our range and fields of protection. New reports added weekly

Agriculture Case Study - Germination Rate / Speed

Organic non-toxic bio stimulant that protects and enhances soil, seed and plants, allowing them to self-defend from abiotic stress and pathogens.

  • Improves Germination Rate
  • Reduces Water Consumption
  • Protects from Fungal Deseases
  • Improves Vitality & Quality
  • Yield Booster
  • EPA safer choice products.
  • Full report coming soon
Healthcare Case Study - Cross contamination reduction on textiles

Bacteria, Virus, Mold and Fungi spores travel on air and can easily adhere to any textile (lab coat, hat, etc), to later be transported into other areas where it can thrive and pollute further more.

Give all your textiles an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal for up to 30 washes on a single treatment.

Full report coming soon.

Hospitality Case Study - Filterless Air & Surface Purification

A filter less solution that continuosly destroys pathogens regardless of their size rather than trapping them.

  • Particulate Matter PM1 PM2.5
  • Developed for NASA to grow plants in Space.
  • FDA Class II Medical Device.

Click here for the full case study report

Hospitality Case Study - Pourous, Semi or Non Porous Surface Protection

A proprietary Nanofilm creates a anti viral anti-bacterial anti fungal barrier that continuously generates hydroxil radicals and electrons to destroy pathogens at a molecular level

Horticulture Case Study - Drunken Tulips

Lowered water consumption on Tulips while prolonging vase life to 12 days.

Horticulture Case Study - Hydroponic Root Development

Transform your water reservoirs into water purificators that continuously eliminate bacteria while providing a self cleaning element to the tanks and reducing the water consumption of the plant.

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