Amen Juice 20 fl oz. Ready to Use Foliar Nano-Sprayer

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 Amen Juice is an organic, ultra-concentrate tonic plant elicitor made using a sustainable system. It stimulates the metabolic pathways in your plants to boost nutrient uptake, rooting development, and natural healing capacity in your plants in a chemical-free, organic, non-toxic way. This allows your plants to fight diseases, grow with vitality, increase germination rate and time, and consume less water.

Amen Juice is better than plant food. If a plant can't absorb what it is consuming, then the plant food is useless. When a plant is stressed, it can't absorb plant food well. Amen Juice destresses the plant and enables it to use it's own metabolism to precisely absorb the nutrients that it knows it needs. Unlike toxic chemicals or other plant food nutrients, it does not force any one nutrient on the plant but rather enables the plant to do what nature does best. 
Suggested dilution ratio for regular use:
1ml = 4 gal 
100ml = 400 gal
1,000ml = 4,000 gal
Mix each 1 ml with 4 gallons of water.

  • Increase Germination Rate & Time
  • Protect Against Disease
  • Increase Yield, Vitality, & Rooting
  • Organic, Sustainable, & Reduced Water Usage
Size: 100 ml
Why Amen Juice Formulation is Better than other Plant Foods?

Biodegradability & Organic: Amen Juice is a natural biopolymer that is biodegradable and non-toxic, making it an environmentally friendly option for agriculture.

High surface area: Amen Juice's active ingredients operate at the cellular level and has a high surface area, which allows it to interact more effectively with plant cells and improve nutrient uptake and plant growth.

Adjuvant properties: Amen Juice can function as an adjuvant, enhancing the effectiveness of other agricultural inputs such as pesticides and fertilizers.

Versatility: Amen Juice formulation can be applied to a variety of crops, including fruits, vegetables, and grains, and can be used in both conventional and organic farming systems.


Can be used alone or combined with any other supplement.

Recommended use alone without a need for pesticides nor fertilizers but it will only enhance other products' uptake and absorption.


Is Amen Juice a Fertilizer?

No. Amen Juice uses a plants' natural processes to better absorb its nutrients. For example, a stressed plant or an unhealthy plant may not be able to absorb its plant food or water from its natural environment. So, rather than giving your plant extra water or extra plant food or plant nutrients, Amen Juice will enable it to absorb more from its typical amount. Amen Juice helps the plant determine what it needs rather than you having to be a greenthumb trying to guess or figure it out.

Is Amen Juice a Pesticide?

No. Amen Juice uses a plants' natural defenses against pests. Because a plant has natural properties and biological responses to certain pests, it may boosts its natural effects to repel them.

Is Amen Juice safe for pollinators?

There is no evidence that plant elicitors including Amen Juice is in harmful to pollinators. Generally, the biopolymer derivatives used in Amen Juice are considered to have low toxicity to non-target organisms, including pollinators, when used at recommended doses and application methods.

Is Amen Juice a Plant Food?

While it can promote plant growth and enhance plant defense responses, Amen Juice is primarily considered a plant elicitor rather than a nutrient source.

Amen Juice works by stimulating the plant's natural defense mechanisms, triggering the activation of various biochemical pathways that help the plant resist pests, diseases, or environmental stresses. It does not provide essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium that are typically found in plant fertilizers. Amen Juice can enhance the root development, nutrient absorption, and nutrient use efficiency of plants, thus indirectly supporting plant growth. But it is not considered primary nutrient sources for plants.

To meet the nutritional needs of plants, it is still necessary to provide them with a balanced diet of essential nutrients through appropriate fertilization practices. Amen Juice can be used in conjunction with proper fertilization practices to enhance plant health and overall performance.

Is Amen Juice organic?

The ingredients are considered an organic material since it occurs naturally in biological systems.

Is Amen Juice non-toxic?

It is considered non-toxic. It is pet-friendly and child-friendly because it is non-toxic. We advise not to consume it though. See safety details enclosed in the product package for further instructions.

How should I store Amen Juice?

Amen Juice should be kept in a tightly closed container in a dry and well-ventilated place. Do not allow product to freeze.

How long does Amen Juice last?

We advise to throw any unused product after a year if kept in proper storage. Otherwise, its effects may become diminished.

Which plants does Amen Juice work for?

Results may vary per conditions, care, and types of plants. However, it is generally compatible with any plant but results may vary.

How long before I see results?

Every plant is different and so is its conditions, care, and types of plants. However, customers have seen germination rates, germination time, root development, and higher yields within 90 days. If you care for your plant with normal plant care guidance, you should see a difference.

Size: 100 ml
Microbe Destroyer

Bad Microbes in Soils

Pathogens (bad microbes) in agricultural soils have a negative impact on the crops health creating adverse effects and conditions of resistance to agro-chemical products, reducing the soils health and ultimately crop deficient yield and economic burden.

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Economically Powerful

1 ml. Goes a Long Way

Our unique organic ultra-concentrated formula is made using a sustainable system that doesn't harm the environment. A real eco-friendly alternative to chemical fertilizers and pesticides, making it a great choice for environmentally conscious gardeners and farmers.

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Abiotic & Biotic Stress

Plant & Crop Protector

Amen Juice induces the defense system in both pre and post harvest against abiotic stresses and biotic stress. Helps your plants develop a strong immune system, making them better equipped to fight off diseases and pests. It also helps improve their overall health, vitality and yield.

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Amen Juice Plant Elicitor

Your Plants will Thank You.

Amen Juice is the all natural, organic and 100%green plant elicitor and healer. Use it on anything related to plants, ALL PLANTS.

Hydroponics, soils, seeds, plants foliage, flowers, vase water, peel coat , for root development, germination and yield booster, plant healing, organic farming.

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