Environmental Assessment

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claroSHIELD offers indoor air and surface pathogen testing and control.

Testing for mold, mildew, fungi, volatile organic compounds, particulate matter, and many other gasses and pathogens levels that invisibly affect in a negative way the health of humans and produce alike.

Once your environment has been inspected and assessed a custom protocol is created to provide your environment with the remediation and post control it needs for up to 3 continuous years.


  • Qualifies for LEED Points
  • Detects: Mold, Mildew, Virus, Bacteria VOC Pm
  • Made in USA
Surface ATP Sampling

what is lurking in your environment?


  • Environmental Services
  • No Obligation-Estimates
  • Prevent Mold & Mildew BEFORE it starts
  • Continuous & Long-Lasting
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Eco-friendly, Non-Toxic
  • 3 yr Prevention Guarantee
  • Tecchnology developed for NASA
  • EPA & FDA Approved

Results You Can Feel


Mold Spores are everywhere and it is almost impossible to live without them around us. The solution is to eradicate them constantly before they can accumulate in our immediate environment.

Not Just One Element

Unlike traditional methods that ONLY inspect and remove mold on ONLY surfaces, often with it returning.

ClaroSHIELD assesses and offers a way to prevent its growth and spread through the full environment:


Technology Used Was Developed for & Approved by

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Mold is everywhere in our environments just waiting  for the right conditions to grow and spread by air, surface, water, or soil .

Reduce Health Risks

Mold toxicity is one of the most misdiagnosed issues but can be extremely harmful if left untreated. For those with allergies or are auto-immune compromised, the risk of mold can result in hospitalization.

High Risk: Pregnant Women,
Children, Infants, Individuals with Asthma, Allergies, or Auto-Immune

Extend Shelf Life

Mold accelerates the spoilage of your inventory and easily spreads through air, surface, soil, or water resulting in quick spoilage and unhappy customers who lose trust in your perishables. This can cost you dramatically.

Reduce Contamination

If you have food or plants, you know the threat of mold can be devasting to your bottom line. If detected, destruction and disposal of your inventory can destroy your profit. If not properly discovered, a recall and further liability may ensure

Less Property Management Headaches

Humid or fluctuating climates are ripe for mold. This can become a routine headache to deal with for your property managers and customers.

Structural risk and property damage can become detrimental.

Improve to Customer Experience

Clean environments directly impacts your bottom line. If your guests or occupants detect mold, it can create libaility, complaints, lost revenue, and a horrible customer experience.

Sell Property Faster

If you are selling a property, having a clean environment is crucial to your first impression. A bad odor or suspicion of mold can reduce your valuation , delay your close, and if discovered, make it IMPOSSIBLE to sell.

Do you know what is causing allergies, odors, mold, spoilage, or other health impacts?

Why Choose claroSHIELD?

You may have a process in place to address mold or just do mold removal/remediation, but typically the source hasn’t been addressed, or it returns.

Maintaining a clean, fresh-feeling, and healthy environment is important to you and your occupants.

claroSHIELD is one of the ONLY services able to to offer

  • Prevention of Mold growth
  • Continuous self-cleaning of Mold (and other contaminants)
  • Long, Lasting Solution
  • 3 yr Guarantee
  • Customized Solution to Your Needs
  • Non-Toxic & Eco-friendly

How is It Possible?

Most services can’t prevent mold or continuously attack mold because they have not YET used the system of technologies combined with a FULL environmental approach.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology developed for NASA
  • Approved by EPA & FDA
  • Multi-Element Protection (Air, Surfaces, Soil, & Water as needed)

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We aim to provide you with a full picture of your environments conditions to further present you with a real solution to your
environmental needs.


After the environmental assessment you will receive a third
party printed report on the findings and recommendations for each of the
inspected environments.


Money Back Guaranteed
printed report with every inspection
Money Back Guaranteed
printed report with every inspection
Money Back Guaranteed
printed report with every inspection