Crafting Custom Environmental Solutions: Where Green Innovation Meets Passion

Our passion is to drive positive change in the world through the application of sustainable green nanotechnologies.
What sets us apart?
  • Cutting-edge Development: We are dedicated to the research and development of solutions that make a difference. Our focus on nanotechnology enables us to create innovative and efficient products.
  • Sustainability in our DNA: We believe in environmental responsibility. Our technologies are designed to prevent over-manufacturing and reduce the waste of natural resources. Thus, we contribute to a cleaner and more balanced future.
  • Global Impact: We are not satisfied with just the local impact. We work to make our solutions accessible to every corner of the planet. From agriculture to industry, ClaroSHIELD is involved.
  • Strategic Allies: We collaborate with companies, governments and organizations dedicated to sustainability. Together, we build a more resilient and conscious world.
In short, Claroshield is much more than a company. We are a movement towards a better future. Discover how nanotechnology can transform the way we live, work and protect our planet while achieving a consistent 99.997% Microbial Rate Reduction and No Fungal Regrowth for up to 3 years.

Greener Today Safer Tomorrow

Agriculture & Horticulture

We continuously thrive at helping professional or aficionado growers achieve their best crop whiles reducing water consumption, human error and eliminating the need for synthetic chemical growth additives.

All Green - 100% Organic -Greener Today Safer Tomorrow