Mold & Mildew

Don't let Mold & Mildew affect your bottom line. Provide your environments with a long-lasting proven Mold & Mildew solution.

After all, is this what you want your guests to see?

We are the M&M Preventors
Removing the source is just part of the solution
Filterless solution for Air and Surface Protection
We are the M&M Preventors
Removing the source is just part of the solution
Filterless solution for Air and Surface Protection
We are the M&M Preventors
Removing the source is just part of the solution
Filterless solution for Air and Surface Protection


Mold is everywhere in our environments just waiting for the right conditions to grow and spread by air, surface, water, or soil.

Unlike traditional methods that ONLY remove it from surfaces, often with it returning, claroSHIELD offers a way to prevent its growth and spread through the full environment—AIR, SURFACE, SOIL, & WATER.

We will prevent it from returning and that is covered by our 3 year guarantee.


Sell Property Without the Headache: When
selling a property, having a clean environment is a crucial element of your
first impression. An encounter, smell, or suspicion of mold can reduce your
valuation dramatically or delay your closing.

If mold is discovered, it may be IMPOSSIBLE to sell.

Reduce Property Management Issues: Humid or fluctuating climates are ripe for mold regularity—making this constant headache for your property managers and customers.


Mold toxicity is one of the most misdiagnosed issues but can be extremely harmful if left untreated. For those with allergies or auto-immune compromised, the risk of mold can result in hospitalization.

Flower Shops

Prolong the useful shelf-life of your perishables up to 35% longer. Purify your coldroom and rid it from Mold and Fungal infestations that affect your bottom line.

Cold Rooms

Regardless of the storage usage given to your cold-room, mold and fungus can be thriving in your enclosed environment. Protect your cold-room and your inventory from premature decompose due to mold or fungus.


Protect your loved ones from Mold and Mildews, don't wait for the black spot to show up on your wall. By then its too late. But worry not we can help you correct the problem and prevent it from happenhing again.

Prevent Mold & Mildew

we STOP M&M at a molecular level

Our Mold and Mildew solutions prevent mold spores from surviving.

Our cutting-edge, green nanotechnologies purify air, water, and surfaces, reducing pollution and improving health and wellbeing.

Our innovative solutions are both effective and sustainable, using natural materials and processes to achieve remarkable results.

2 claroSHIELD technicians purifying a hotel room in Orlando,Fl.


Continuous & Long-Lasting

Our approach for Mold and Mildew removal and prevention keeps pathogens and microspores from reintegrating and cross spreading for up to 3 years with the PCOP protocol.

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Residential or Commercial

Preventing mold, mildew, and environmental contaminants is the key to health, customer
happiness, perishable shelf life extension, property damage prevention, and liability reduction.

Proven Results

Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic

Our unique and innovative system of technologies were developed for NASA and are approved by the FDA and EPA

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3 Year Warranty

While we can’t address mold everywhere, we will keep it from spreading and growing on any treated area with our proprietary NanoFilm and through the exposed air using our air and surface purification system for up to 3 years.

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Made in USA

claroSHIELD's technologies are manufactured in the USA and is subject to strict regulations and standards set by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Technology for NASA

Real Hospitality Mold and Mildew Cases

Watch us detox a MOLD INFESTED hotel room in Orlando,FL

Watch the full video and read the report on the findings and solution implemented in this Orlando ,Fl Disney World destination resort

Green Technologies Certified and Approved

because we care about the environment and your health, at claroSHIELD we are committed to providing you with only green and non toxic technologies.

Mold and Mildew

Proven Results

Different hotels had the same Mold and Mildew problem.

All the AFTER pictures are dated 60 days after the implementation of our Mold & Mildew Solution Protocol